Nonprofit Websites

Why does your nonprofit need an effective website?

A great nonprofit website compels people to take action

when you are not in the room

Over 50% of donors worldwide, of all ages, prefer to give online using credit or debit card

Nearly 20% of nonprofit funding is generated online

Share good stories, even if you're not in the room

Streamline your donor management and improve your donor retention

Put your Google advertising Grant of $10,000 per month to work

* Are you a small nonprofit, with an annual budget of R6 million or less? You can apply below for a free pro bono website. One nonprofit is selected every three months.

Apply for a free, pro bono website for your nonprofit?

Every three months, Connect Solutions selects one small nonprofit for a pro bono Wordpress website built by our learnership programme. If your annual budget is less than R6 million, please feel free to apply.

What’s included:

  • Website mockup designed by professional graphic designer (using images supplied by yourself) with one revision
  • Guidance for domain registeration and hosting (if needed)
  • Wordpress installation and set up (if needed)
  • Customised web development to recreate mockup
  • A basic website including homepage, as well as two sub-pages

*Please note: this does not include the cost of hosting and domain registeration

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